4. september 2018
Human 2.0

“Turning Point”, Ingvar Villido’s first book in English has been published

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“Turning Point. The Teaching that Radically Changes Everything You Know About Human Nature and Potentiality” is a concise summary of the holistic approach to human nature created by Ingvar Villido. Based on awareness as the new paradigm, this view is innovative and entirely different from the previous ones. Villido’s approach is not based on theories, but the systematized results of more than 30 years of empirical research.

According to Villido, the currently widespread automatic activation of emotions and thoughts is not natural to humans. On the contrary, action motivated by automatic reactions causes the majority of humanity’s problems. The only way to solve 100% of the problems is freeing oneself of these self-activating reactions. For letting go, Villido has developed very specific techniques that work by using awareness, a quality possessed by each and every human being.

About the book

The central aspect of this new paradigm is learning to use awareness instead of relying on thoughts and emotions. According to this view learning practical application of awareness throughout all daily activities is crucial as it helps to replace the leading role of automatic emotions and thoughts. Based on his own experience, Villido proves in his book that life without any negative emotions is not only possible, but absolutely normal.

Villido’s book is the quintessence of his Art of Conscious Change method, highlighting new possibilities that it opens. This work is meant for everyone interested in learning sustainable solutions for raising their quality of life on their own.

The book was published in time for the Global Ecovillage Network’s 2018 world-conference “The Wisdom of Conscious Communities” in Lilleoru, Estonia, bringing together over 500 sustainable development experts, practitioners and supporters from around the world. At the conference Villido will present his innovative approach in a keynote speech as well as a seminar on personal sustainability.


Ingvar Villido is a teacher of Kriya Yoga, and founder and member of the advisory board of Kriya Yoga centre in Lilleoru, near Estonia's capital city Tallinn. He has developed and taught the application of awareness since 1992, and as a result of this work, he has updated the ancient knowledge of Kriya Yoga to a level at which the people of our time are able to understand it and put it into practice. Over the years, more than 15000 people from Estonia and abroad have attended his lectures and The Art of Conscious Change courses; there are representatives of different spheres of life among them, ranging from students to entrepreneurs and top managers.

The root problems of humanity stem from ignorance of the inner sphere, current automatic mode of human behaviour and neglecting our most potent instruments - the active qualities of consciousness. But above all, from not knowing the True Self. 

Human 2.0

Human 2.0 is a teaching that outlines the characteristics of a normal human and an educational program that leads to the adoption of the new paradigm based on the primacy of awareness. Human 2.0 is the person who has discovered the existence of their True Self, who uses awareness as primary and releases of own automatic emotional-mental complexes.

The Art of Conscious Change method is an international signature curriculum created by Ingvar Villido as a result of 25 years of research, it's efficiency acclaimed by over 16 000 participants. The unique approach is part of a pioneering research field in personal sustainability. It is the main element of Human 2.0 teaching, providing techniques to release automatic complexes, use awareness in its active form and develop the seven qualities of consciousness.

The method enables individuals to increase their resilience, efficiency in everyday activities and provides new problem-solving skills. Elements unique to the method are: principle of release, systematic engineer-like approach, micro-actions with immediate effect, universal applicability and lasting results. As a result of personal practise, it enables a qualitative leap towards better quality of life and opening of new potentials. The Art of Conscious Change curriculum consists of a series of 5 courses in total.

Turning Point

In daily activities we use consciousness in it's dynamic mode. The habitual use of it is known as noticing and discerning. Although, almost no-one knows that they are actually using an active quality of their consciousness. Noticing is usually a random process that is not given separate value of it's own.

Becoming aware of own awareness, practical discovery of consciousness and active application of it's qualities are all central to this new approach on a human as such. This new approach includes considering the Intellect to be more important than the automatic reactions that currently dominate people's lives - the complexes made of emotions and information.

This book exposes the fundamental causes beneath all of humanity’s chronic problems and outlines the framework for real solutions. You will realize your essence, the reason behind your endless search for answers and learn about your vast, currently unopened potential. This is your first encounter with the New Paradigm, the one based on the primacy of Self and Intellect.

Change your inner domain and the world that you live in will change by itself.

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ebook available 10.08€

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