New Instructors of the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) from seven countries will start teaching the courses in January 2021!

In January 2021, 37 new Instructors of the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) from seven countries will start with teaching the courses - in addition to Estonia, in the United States, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Russia and Macedonia.

Each new instructor has completed a nearly 400-hour intensive training program for AoCC I-II instructors, which began in March 2020. During the program, both the substantive knowledge of the AoCC techniques and how to pass them on to others were thoroughly refined. Instructors who successfully complete the training cycle will test their knowledge and skills with the first courses in January and February. Certificates will be issued to new instructors in March.

"They are experienced practitioners who have already changed their lives," Ingvar Villido, the creator of the AoCC method, acknowledges the new instructors. "They see value in it - life has become a lot better, more stable and it has given them an ability to understand problems that people have not been able to find a resolution for. This is their motivation to become a teacher and help others. ”

As a method of holistic self-development, the AoCC reached people for the first time in 2008. As a result of 30 years of researching the impact and results of Kriya Yoga technology, Ingvar compiled knowledge and techniques that now allow a person to release chronic problems, significantly change their daily lives, become a much better person, and live a more fulfilling life. More about the basics of the AoCC can be read from the handbook “Emotions. The Greatest Addiction of Mankind" that is currently being translated into English. Thousands of people in Estonia and abroad have been taught to apply this method to their own life.

"Sometimes I have said that the AoCC is a chapter that was not taught in school, allowing a person to understand what is happening to them and how to change it safely to become a better person," as Ingvar Villido explains the mission of the new instructors.

Meet new instructors who will conduct the AoCC I-II exam trainings in January and February. If you find an instructor who inspires you and you would like to participate in his/her course, feel free to contact them directly.

New instructors

United States of America

Brandain (Ben) Mac Domhnaill

I grew up in Ireland, but now I live in San Francisco, where I own a construction company. I have been practicing AOCC techniques since November 2018. Like so many in this business, I used to be a very angry person, constantly reacting to others on the job site, so bad that people didn’t want to work for me, and I also kept losing contracts as a result. After releasing anger, people enjoy working with me, and my clients give me return work. I also used to be very confused, always changing my mind, unsure of what to do in life. This was very disturbing not only for me but for others around me. Now I see things more clearly and can create and make decisions that I stick to, making life more pleasant. I experience true happiness and freedom in my life, even if a while ago, I didn’t think it was possible because of the rage, anxiety, fear, and depression.

Joe (Joseph) Sanchis 

Professionally, I have been a business executive at premier American companies in addition to being a venture-backed technology entrepreneur and serving on nonprofit boards at the intersection of social impact, innovation, and consciousness. I've always been involved with personal growth and professional development as a practitioner and later facilitator in transformational, mindfulness, spirituality, leadership development, and executive coaching. I have gained significant breakthroughs in my life from practicing the Art of Conscious Change since 2017 and helped co-found AoCC in America. I'm fully committed to helping people change their life in areas of performance, happiness, inner stability, balance, purpose, enriching relationships, health and wellness, prosperity, fulfillment, joy, and peace. I find AoCC to be a highly practical and rational holistic system that creates profound and lasting changes in all areas of life. I am focused on cultivating conscious leadership in life, organization, and society by helping train and develop purpose-driven aware leaders, creators, professionals, executives, and business owners to expand inner and outer success in life.

Kadri Kerge

The past 10 years I have been working as an architectural designer in New York City, where I’m designing high-rise buildings, residential buildings, large development projects and masterplans across the world. Since my studies, I have worked for various star-architects in Europe and the USA. I have seen around me chronic stress, burnouts, constant overtime working and out of balance work-life, health issues, creativity crisis. In top offices people burn out on average in a year. My own life has been like rushing through a roller coaster. I discovered Ingvar Villido teachings for the first time 14 years ago from Estonian Public Broadcasting lectures. I attended The Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) I and II course first time at 2013 and I have been practicing daily since then. I attended courses 3 and for 4 after that. With the knowledge I gained from the courses I discovered that I have new abilities and power that I can apply using the qualities of my consciousness. To understand what is behind things and to see the future, to cleanse my inner world, the subconscious from the emotional complexities. With this knowledge I have become very efficient in my life, I have a very good ability to focus, I am happy and I have a constant flow of creative ideas.

Marta-Kristi Põld 

Professionally my background is in running small businesses and technology startups in digital marketing, media production, and community building. I have been a long time practitioner in transformational, mindfulness, spirituality, healing modalities, and coaching work for the bigger part of my life in addition to bringing AoCC in the United States. I have been practicing AoCC since 2017 and as a result, I have been able to heal deep emotional pain, stress, and anxiety, suppressed emotions, find inner balance, stable happiness, purpose, and clarity, transform health and wellness and be able to achieve my full potential both internally and externally. I made more progress using AoCC in 1 year than with 10 years of other teachings, modalities, and trainings combined. I have always been about ancient wisdom and modern innovation in elevating humanity. I have been a seeker ever since I can remember, always looking for answers to find who I really am, what is my purpose, and how to achieve my full potential as a human. I am committed to helping people seeking to live a fulfilling life both spiritually and to be successful out in the world.

Olga Green

I have lived in different countries, throughout my life and that is why I consider myself to be a citizen of the world. I have been able to observe and adopt different cultures, customs, beliefs. It has helped me in my work as a project developer. I have also been involved in the fitness industry as an athlete and an instructor. As a resident of San Francisco I also meet people from a wide range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations, etc. I am therefore a big advocate of equality and I stand for non-violent communication between different people and groups. After practicing AoCC for almost 3 years, it has helped me to understand people around me even better - witnessing the troubles that people go through - I am very inspired to pass on the knowledge that I have gained through intense studies and personal practice. In the beginning of my practice I focused on building structured daily practices of relishing negative and limiting emotions and concepts. I used to be very demanding with high expectations for myself and others. It often caused conflicts with colleagues and family members. After practicing AoCC daily for several months, I have been able to release most of my negative reactions that brought me to the state of being permanently joyful and content. I now work and live in a calm, productive environment. I am looking forward to teaching AoCC to others in need!

Raimond Sinivee

As a senior software engineer in the Silicon Valley with more than 15 years of experience in a fast base and talented teams one must be at their best resourcefulness in every situation. Anxiety and stress are one of the biggest hinders for it. I have been able to get rid of these troubles and become insightful and calm in every situation by practicing The Art of Conscious Change techniques which I have used for two years now.

The problems that seem unsolvable started to be interesting and coming up with an approach became quick and confident process. The meetings have become calmer for me and focused to the point. The topics are not needed to discuss over again. I experience the "click" with people and get what they mean and need.

I went to the AoCC course based on a recommendation from a friend and I had no previous knowledge about it. It turned out to be set of practical and consistent techniques to make the needed changes to resolve problems regardless of persons background or previous knowledge. It's not to address only a specific issue like to improve memory or reduce emotionality, but it's universal practice for all kind of problems.

I have overcome very low self-steam, anxiety about mistakes and fear of not being accepted to name a few by applying the AoCC techniques. The AoCC gives reliable and constantly working methods to solve real life problems in the moment they occur. I have techniques which have helped me to resolve my past problems once and for all.
I teach these practical techniques in San Jose and online in PST time zone.

Susan Duong

Working as a medical professional in healthcare, especially during this very difficult year, it is easy to crash and get burned out. Not only must you work to treat the suffering and pain (both physical and emotional) that surrounds you, but you are also a recipient of physical and emotional pain and suffering as the patients and the work administration place many heavy demands on you. Using the tools from the Art of Conscious Change help release such burdensome emotions. The relief you feel is like a boulder rolling off your shoulders and a splash of refreshingly cool water gently flows from your head to your toes after a long day of toiling under a bright, hot sun! Practicing AoCC has also helped me live as more peaceful inner being amidst the chaos of the frenzied “rat race" world humanity has created. I have gained the ability to experience such stillness and inner calm that I have not experienced before. Now, I am capable of consciously choosing the perspective from which I view and interact on this world. Previously, my life was filled with one reaction after another. I was in a constant state of acting “in order to….” Life was filled with considerations, rather than having the freedom to explore life’s various paths, knowing that I can handle come what may. I have practiced AoCC for over 2,5 years and I can say that the possibility of true peace truly exists. It helps me in my personal life and work every day. Living a peaceful, purposeful and deliberate life is our true nature.


Vadim Voropaev

I have been an entrepreneur for thirteen years and an investor for two years. I used to have a lot of reactions in high stress situations. It made me sometimes make unwise decisions. I also didn’t listen to people, 95% of the time I only listened to myself. Three years ago, since I started to practice the AoCC, I have become much calmer and self-collected. I can listen to others now and it helps me in resultful decision-making. I am also a hobby tennis player and at home I am the father of two children. After learning about my true nature at the courses, my life at work, with family and in sports has become much easier and more enjoyable. Now I know the other side of life - a life of constant inner happiness, despite the events that take place in my life or around me. Life has become a great gift for me and also an exciting game. I wish to share this knowledge with you.


Kelly Lintula

I studied law and worked as a lawyer. At work, tensions were sometimes very high. My thoughts were constantly at work, even at when it was my time to rest. Did I still do it right? I had doubts and fear of doing something wrong. I felt fear and anger when someone questioned the quality of my work. Having now practiced the AoCC for four years, I know that everything can actually be improved and corrected. Everything can be agreed. And most importantly, I now have true peace within me. In Finland, where I live and work, a sick leave is often taken when work has become emotionally intolerable. However, implementing the AoCC, I am now completely free of work-related stress. I also have a difficult divorce from a mentally violent marriage behind me. At that time I experienced a lot of fear. I cried a lot. At some point, I discovered that I cry every day. There was no joy. The psychologist gave me sleeping pills and said that antidepressants are also available if needed. I decided that for me this was not the solution and I started intensely looking for another way out. I found the AoCC courses. I participated, listened, and understood. I realized that this is the solution I have been looking for. I released emotions intensely. As a result, sleeping pills were gone in a week. For the first time in my life, I got rid of fear. Getting rid of different fears that I had accumulated during more than a decade, took about a few years. Currently I feel good, light, a sense of simplicity. Lightness keeps increasing day by day and I really want to teach these possibilities also to others.


Friederike Hertel

I am a professional concert pianist and music teacher. I adopted the AoCC as a daily practice in 2014 when I was looking for ways to overcome pressure, stress, stage-fright, and even depression that accompany the lives of high-performance professional musicians, artists, and performers. Since then, my energy level, focus, and ability to access my creative potential have multiplied many times. By using awareness, problems now appear to me as tasks to be solved, and the solutions very often come in seemingly miraculous ways as the AoCC enables me to see things with an open mind and heart. This has also changed and improved my interaction with other people, and beautiful relationships and cooperation have emerged. I am grateful for the opportunity to share this wisdom with others.


Daniela Gjuroska-Gogarty

I am a computer science engineer with extensive experience in leading and managing diverse multicultural teams. I am also the mother of two teenagers. Understanding and communicating are the cornerstones to building the good relationships that are imperative to a professional and personal life. While I have a logical and sharp mind, emotions, presumptions, strong opinions and righteousness brought me into constant conflict with others and with myself, causing a lot of frustration, anger and pain in my life. In 2009 I started practicing AoCC after meeting Ingvar Villido on a Kriya Yoga retreat. He introduced me to what awareness is and how I can apply it practically. It was so simple and straightforward. Since then I have integrated AoCC into my daily life and I can see its profound benefits on all levels, especially in my relationship and communication with others. In my work, I have found an authentic leadership style tailored to real situations and circumstances. With my children I build trust and understanding, which we need especially now when they are finding their ways in life.

Kaidi Tamm 

I work as an expert, lecturer and practitioner in the field of sustainable development. I spent over 10 years studying the processes of social change in Europe. After a master's degree in semiotics (Tartu University, Estonia) and a doctoral degree in sociology (Germany), I have been developing and teaching about sustainable thinking and sustainable living at university since 2015, as well as supervising students. I have been practicing AoCC for 11 years, because in it I found simple yet deeply practical answers to vital questions that have interested me since being a teenager. In the past, I had an impression that I see situations more clearly than others, I felt responsible for people, and tried to change the behavior of others, both at home and at work. When despite my efforts things didn't go "in the right direction”, I was disappointed, dissatisfied and felt like a victim, all of which impacted my health and relationships. Now I do it differently - instead of demanding change from others, I am the change I want to see in the world. With the AoCC, I found a method to achieve personal sustainability, saving my resources and allowing me to be a full-fledged person who is centered and lives in the moment, instead burning out or suffering about what goes on in the world. I learned who am I in the deepest sense and have become much more satisfied, tolerant, intelligent, kind, effective and an inspiring person. The AoCC has helped both me and my husband to go through difficult times and our relationship today is better than ever before. We are also calmer, more aware and happier parents for our two children. I teach the AoCC so that more people would gain the wisdom and tools to consciously manage their lives. By changing ourselves, we can also support others.


Biljana Gjuroska

My profession is medical doctor, working for 15 years as an MD and holistic medicine practitioner, specialized in homeopathy.
I came to the AoCC in 2012. Personally, I had always been looking for ways to deepen my knowledge and understanding of life and true Self. As a mother of two, I faced the challenges of being a good parent and learning what it means. When I had to combine my classical and holistic medicine practice, I wasn't satisfied because I felt I could not get to the real core of people's problems. With the AoCC, all these things started to fall into place. When I began to practice medicine, I found that the healing process starts from within and can be driven only by the true Self. The healer's role is to assist the patient to become an observer so that s/he can be more objective towards the problem. My personal experience with AoCC confirmed my belief that there is a mental-emotional pattern behind every physical suffering, and AoCC also offers a way to resolve that. The five-body system of AoCC is a useful map for any healing professional to be more open-minded in working with their patients in restoring the emotional balance that is often the root problem of physical issues. Homeopathy and allopathy can support this process further. If this connection is made, the process of healing and restoring health for the practitioner and the patient is a path of growth and gaining more knowledge.


Angela Uuna

I am a development manager in a small Estonian company, currently at home with my two small children. I have been a practitioner of the AoCC since 2008. I found inner balance and peace. I discovered how to experience simple happiness in all days. All this also contributed to my success at work. My young children have shown me that they are our greatest teachers. As a new mother, we often do not know what to do with the baby, we are not used to listening to our inner voice, so often we do not understand why the baby is crying and this causes frustration. We typically blame ourselves and feel as if we have failed as a mother. Why isn't the baby sleeping? Why doesn't s/he eat? Tensions accumulate. A book or someone's advice cannot really help, instead we need knowledge of what to do. This insight is in us, but unfortunately this it is overshadowed by emotions and concepts. How much happier we could be as parents if we would use the AoCC!

Annika Allikmäe

As a dance and yoga teacher, I have been helping people for 20 years to find practical solutions to their problems through the use of awareness. During this time, I have also witnessed several major changes in a person's personality and destiny. As a result of long practical experience in working with people my intuition has developed so that I can instantly find a suitable approach. I have helped dancers and top athletes, I know the everyday lives of musicians and actors, and the problems and challenges they face. I see how the AoCC helps to clarify the content of the problem and offers practical tools to find a way out of them. I have been studying with Ingvar Villido since 1998 and have practiced the AoCC since its birth more than ten years ago.

Anžela Kerig

Based on my profession as a school teacher, I know how often a teacher has to face stressful situations. I know from experience what burnout and chronic shortage of time mean, or how difficult it is to reach an agreement or common understanding when you talk to an angry colleague, a disappointed child, or a desperate partner.

I have been a practitioner of the AoCC since 2008. With this knowledge, I discovered a state of inner peace and a stable, conscious state. I became free from the lifelong belief that life must be hard. The constant hurry, the need to give advice, to help everyone, disappeared along with anguish to improve the world. After living in Australia for over five years, where I came into contact with people from different continents and nationalities, I noticed that everyone develops similar automatic reactions, which is always the cause of problems.

But now I know that there are no problems in my life - there are only tasks that need to be solved. Therefore, I wish to teach (in Russian) how you can change your life to be better and more efficient.

Eve Soppe 

I have worked in the real estate business for 26 years. I've been through the entire emotional roller-coaster of a CEO: to keep a cool head at work and be successful, I ignored and suppressed emotions. I kept striving all the time and believed that a higher position and more income would grant peace and security. I was waiting for recognition and approval from others, wanting to be a good person. To achieve prosperity, I used to overwork - but prosperity never came. I was dissatisfied and easily angered. In 2004 I learned the first AoCC techniques and have been performing awareness practices for 20 years. It has given me the knowledge of how to stay calm, smart, and intelligent in the fast pace of everyday life so that it would improve the quality of life for all of us. In addition to my work in real estate, I also teach kriya hatha yoga.

Evelin Rosenberg

I have worked as a lawyer in large companies for more than 15 years. Despite the external success, however, I felt internally broken, and even a nice family, a beautiful home, and a good job did not alleviate this. I had a lot of fear, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, insecurity, dissatisfaction with myself, and low self-esteem - everything one experiences when you come from a difficult family. It disrupted my peace and balance, caused conflicts in the family and with children. Tensions were heightened by an intensive career in law; meeting expectations at work and at home caused stress and fatigue. Today, I know that there really is no need to go through such "ordinary sufferings” in life. Dissatisfaction with oneself is not normal, sleep disorders due to anxiety are not normal, sudden outbursts of anger and subsequent guilt are not normal. You can release all of this as unnecessary. My life got new colors when I learned the AoCC techniques in 2014 and started applying them every day. Now I discover and admire life as I could never have imagined!

Heidi Grenman

The greatest benefits that the AoCC brings are clarity, peace, and the opportunity to be in charge of one's life. In essence, the AoCC provides an opportunity to go through any change, regardless of academic degree, marital status, position at work, financial situation or other indicators. This is my own experience when first I came to Ingvar Villido in 2013 to attend the AoCC I-II course. On the first day, everything changed ie, I instantly became a realist, I started to see things as they really are, and an overworked CEO was transformed into a new person. With the help of the AoCC, I performed a full life audit in about six months and eliminated everything that wasn't adding any value. Among other things, I gave up my lucrative leadership position in a successful international corporation to which we had sold our family-run financial business a few years earlier, and switched from a profit-oriented business to a mission-driven non-profit sector. I became very effective, gained a lot of free time, and finally had enough time to do the things that I was really interested in. About three years later, while studying in Switzerland, I realized that everything had changed and I was back in the game, but this game was no longer run by others, but by myself. The name of this game was "My Life”. Most of my work has been related to advising various organizations and companies. There is no organization without people behind it. It means, I've actually advised people - how to build and develop organizations, to collaborate. As the AoCC I-II instructor, I can use these same skills again, but this time not to make a profit but to help people.

Indrek Verro

I have worked as a professional coach for 15 years, and today I supervise the Estonian beach volleyball team. All my life, I have been interested in being a human, in myself. How do I function? Why are we the way we are? In the beginning, this interest was more related to the physical body and its abilities. That's why I've been involved in many different sports and also studied to be a coach. During 15 years of work, I have supervised a wide variety of people: top athletes, young children as well as grandfathers and grandmothers. My main goal as a coach is to help a person achieve their own goals, whatever they may be. Since 2014 I have been using the practices of the AoCC as cornerstones learning the depths of how we as humans function, and thanks to that, I can now instruct people with precision and detailed understanding of how to move towards a goal. I see a person as a whole and understand how the progress or stagnation of their physique is linked to their emotions and thoughts. My own practice has taught me that there is a very strong connection between the two. This knowledge has given a great advantage to the people who have come to train with me.

Jaanus Viese

I am a former white-collar, eco-rebel, and change-maker. For me, everything had to be authentic and natural. I was opposed to modern food, construction, clothing as well as the whole urban lifestyle. Because I could no longer tolerate the intensity of city life, in 2006, I fled from Tallinn to live in the woods. However, the idyll of rural life shattered quickly, and life became very difficult economically. It brought me a lot of sadness; I got angry with people, became depressed and passive, and declined opportunities to work. I was bitter that people do not lead a natural life. Eventually, I was disappointed not only with the world but also with myself and my helplessness. Only at the AoCC course in 2012, it dawned to me that these very same emotions within me caused all these contradictions. I released my sadness, anger, and blaming others. I realized that there was no reason to be disappointed in myself or others, not even politicians or large corporations. Consistency with nature results from no longer possessing automatic emotions that otherwise force us to consume more and more to feel good. A revolution will not help. Only everyone's personal inner change will.

Janet Tenso

I have a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master's degree in marketing. However, my biggest challenge in life has been overcoming the feeling of loneliness that has accompanied me since I was a teenager. My friends went to parties and spent time out, but I was not into that at all. We grew apart. I wanted to know what is the meaning of life. I was looking for perfection, initially from the physical body, and I spent daily 2-3 hours exercising. I felt better and smarter than others. At the same time, I was afraid to communicate with people because I was afraid of what they might think of me. My habit of condemning myself and others — I always saw imperfection, whatever the case — grew in scale, and over time I could no longer finish projects, my relationships stalled, I became stuck and depressed. I only saw mistakes. In the pursuit of perfection, I had created tremendous inner grips. When I got free from criticism and dissatisfaction, I quickly learned to get along with people. Now I am happy to communicate without being afraid to show myself as I am. I have been practicing the AoCC since 2007.

Kadri Janson

I work as a veterinarian and a lecturer and am a happy mother of three. I have been actively practicing the AoCC since 2010. By using this knowledge, I have been able to be in charge of my own life and have achieved many lasting positive changes in both my private and professional life. My work as a veterinarian used to be very stressful, and I am happy that now I am free from all hesitations, anxiety, and fear of making mistakes, able to enjoy my work again fully. I am happy that dissatisfaction and being busy all the time no longer ruin my relationships with the people who are close and dear to me. I used to be very emotional, and as a result, my loved ones suffered, important parts of my life were shattered. Since I didn't want such a broken life, I started a long quest looking for solutions from various teachings. The AoCC led me to the first true changes. Experimenting on myself, I have gained the conviction that the AoCC is really effective. I consider this knowledge worth sharing with others so that everyone would have more joy in their daily lives.

Kai Laanmets

I have worked as a designer and an interior architect for 22 years. I came to the AoCC in 2015 because of my specialty. There are a lot of variables in my work - more than a hundred for each project, which must be combined into a beautiful end result. I realized that I was very inefficient in making choices and decisions. Everything took a lot of time. I was constantly short of time but didn't understand where was all of my time going. I saw the encapsulation and burnout approaching. With insecurity, dissatisfaction with oneself grew. With the help of the AoCC techniques, I quickly discovered the inconsistencies and unnecessary time-consuming activities. The more time passed, the more it became clear that my rational and systematic efforts were overshadowed by uncertainty, fluctuating self-esteem, confusion in the inner world, encapsulation. As the background of emotional reactivity receded, I rediscovered my creative qualities and inner peace. I gained determination, found the effectiveness I was looking for, and completely changed my way of life.

Kertriin Petrov

I have a master's degree in chemistry and therefore I am very well informed about the chemistry of blood - the body as a laboratory, human biochemistry. Having practiced the AoCC for eight years, I have received relief for many chronic diseases - my health has significantly improved. I am also free from anxiety and depression, which at times prevented me from even getting out of bed. I used to have low self-esteem, now I am free from condemning myself. The difficult relationship between me and my husband has transformed into a happy one. As a mother, I am calm, aware, and tolerant. It has been important for me to investigate how can children retain the joy and insights as they learn and grow. Thanks to the AoCC, I now see the child as a whole and know how to teach in a way that facilitates the process of natural learning. I am currently a homeschooling teacher, entrepreneur, therapist and a hatha yoga teacher. I feel a calling to teach how to apply the AoCC in order to manifest changes that would reduce problems both in relationships and health, attuning a person to greater integrity.

Kristiina Põllu

I am a production artist, a screenwriter. For many years I worked as the artist in chief at Pärnu Endla Theater and then at Vanemuine Theater; I participated in creating Tartu New Theater. I started a family with a great person, whom I married. But all the external success still did not provide a solution to my inner sadness, loneliness, and insecurity. Everything that had been with me since childhood remained with me all the time. It all reached a critical point. I came to the AoCC courses six years ago. By that time, I had reached a situation where my growing dissatisfaction no longer allowed me to do almost nothing. I had given up my job as a theater artist, I was dissatisfied with my home life, I was looking for a solution through various esoteric practices, and I found that none of them offered any real help. It was six years ago, at the AoCC courses, where I learned what was really wrong with me, and I saw solutions that I had not seen on my own. Implementing the techniques, I discovered many changes. Today I have a great relationship with my husband; I am happy to take part in various theater projects. I don't suffer or cry, it even seems strange to think that I used to do this all the time. Instead, there is natural inner clarity, peace and joy. It is said that happiness begins with oneself. But how does it really work and happen? That's what I'm learning to teach.

Kristjan Jung

Professionally, I have had a long and active career in the press. I have worked as a TV editor and host, compiled several magazines, held a position at the University of Tartu in communication and IT, and have organized events. For the past eight years, I have been working in communication at the start-up Rewilding Europe that helps to protect nature. We look for new ways to restore natural processes, test them in different areas and then offer solutions for wider use. Outside of work, I am interested in photography, bio-hacking, investing, new technology and literature that helps me understand the world. I am married and the father of four children, so I am familiar with challenges of family life in all its varieties. I have been practicing the AoCC for about five years and as a result I experience much less reactivity in my life than before; In negative situations I can now focus on the informative part without experiencing the emotional factors (eg anger, frustration, self-pity, etc.) at all or I can free myself of them quickly without marinating under their effect. I am convinced that regardless of the field, the AoCC helps to be more efficient, open and intelligent in all activities. I would very much like to share these skills with you so that your life would include more choices along with the courage to take them!

Kristjan Mauer

I am an executive with a degree in economics. Unfortunately, over time, the work was transferred to my private life, home, and it did not have a good effect on the relationships with the people around me. My support and understanding was required at home, but I didn't see that and therefore couldn't provide it. This led to severe cracks.

Today, I have been practicing the AoCC for six years. As a result of my practice, I have freed myself of negativity, anger, irritation. I now understand the extent to which these emotions very habitual to me, used to affect myself as well as the people around me. In addition, I got rid of depression and learned to adapt to changes in life. I see that practicing the AoCC can help to avoid many problems in close relationships, which in turn could help prevent or reverse many broken relationships and cases of unhappy childhood. If I had known earlier about the outcomes of one or another emotional state to close relationships, I would certainly have corrected my behavior not to cause suffering to my loved ones. What I can do now is share my experiences and knowledge so that they can learn from my mistakes without repeating them. This would allow people to improve and build better relationships.

Kristo Reinhold 

During my long-term career as a leader, I have completed various courses and trainings, applied knowledge of leadership, but the results have mostly turned out to be short-lived. It's about motivating yourself and others to get things done, raising efficiency, increasing your ability to concentrate, and countless other issues that pose a major challenge. In addition, how to combine working with private life and hobbies so as not to cause excessive stress and burnout. As human beings, we have learned to keep our emotions in check and control them, but in the long run, tensions build up and emotions grow over the head. Having practiced the AoCC for three-four years daily, I can ensure my inner peace and balance. As a leader, I still face different situations in everyday life - challenges, but today I can cope with all of them much better. Internally I am less tense, stress is no longer generated. In the past, I tried to change others. Today, I change myself first and then the world will change by itself.

Marika Ivandi

I have led workshops and worked as a school teacher for over 30 years, including over 20 years as a principal. I have trained and counseled in about 300 schools and kindergartens. As a leader and facilitator, I often got worried, felt insecure, and didn't think I was good enough. I worked harder and harder to be enough, but that led to burnout and difficulties falling asleep. Today, as a teacher, facilitator and leader, I stand calm, happy and confident in front of even a large group of people. I have been implementing the AoCC techniques for five years, both while discussions with important people and teaching large groups, and also to find solutions in complex situations. As a member of the board of the Foundation for Future Education, I am responsible for the “AoCC for schools” programs taught to teachers and students at schools and co-ordinating research on the impact of the programs. I am also in charge of Lilleoru Elementary School, where in addition to the national curriculum, children learn to focus and manage their emotions through exercises and games. I have witnessed the positive results children gain when their education includes the AoCC - both in communication with others as well as to learning. I am glad to have an opportunity to contribute into the development of children in this way.

Mati Link

I am a computer engineer and have also worked as a tech-support specialist for CAD software. I am familiar with both procrastination and difficulties concentrating, and I also know that the obstacles IT people have to cope with work do not only arise from the behavior of a computer program. Often, solving problems at work is influenced by one's emotionally influenced attitude towards the tool, the client, a colleague, and one's surroundings. However, having practiced the AoCC since 2017, I have achieved an excellent ability to concentrate, procrastination is gone, and I often work in an enjoyable state of flow, where everything goes smoothly. Using the AoCC to remove the emotional attitude to tools and work environment, one is inwardly calm, able to deepen and use one's own wisdom to solve all tasks intelligently. I am also much smarter in relationships and can work with everyone just as they are, free of a previously irresistible impulse to fix other people according to my standards. I have personally witnessed the benefits of the AoCC and therefore I am inspired to teach it also to others.

Merle Ruzitš

I acquired a university degree while having family and children. I worked as a teacher in the kindergarten and classroom, worked with children who have special needs, started and led a successful NGO. All of these situations brought stressful times, but the AoCC always led me to solutions: how to love and support my child, stay calm at work when a child is having a tantrum, as an adult heal from a broken childhood; break the hidden loop of stress-migraine etc.

Five years of practicing the AoCC has healed my inner and outer world. I am a calmer and happier person who looks at the world with an adventurous and understanding gaze. Once more I have learned to love the people close to me, I have stopped blaming myself, I have got rid of migraines that tormented me for years. I have experienced that practicing the AoCC helps me to be effective, understanding, supportive and creative in my work.

Merle Soidla

I have professional experience in several areas, both as a CEO and as a service provider. I considered my life to be completely normal, ordinary. I was so used to the hidden fear because of children, loved ones, job, and income. From time to time, I felt lonely. I discovered the Art of Conscious Change courses and learned that the cause of this problem is in what I feel. I started to apply the wisdom I had learned and found out that I can care without any need to worry. Life can be easy, simple and in the flow.

Currently I am an entrepreneur working in finances, in addition I also run the business of producing organic honey and teach hatha¬yoga classes. There are four children in my family, the joy is multiple with my grandchildren. I know that everyone has the opportunity for change, there are no hopeless situations, and the effects of you leading a good life extend beyond you.

I teach the AoCC because I have been practicing it myself for over ten years. My life has become more efficient with new opportunities. I got rid of the chronic time famine, leaving me more time for myself and my loved ones. All these changes started when I decided that I don’t want to suffer any longer.

Peep Palts

For eight years I have been trading in the financial markets. A healthy psychology plays the biggest role to trade successfully. Unfortunately, fear, anxiety, greed, frustration and thrill constantly accompany every trader. However, techniques from the AoCC allow you to become free of various disturbing emotions quickly. Today, I can say that emotions do not have to be feared, suppressed or run away from - they can be released. Discipline and keeping a clear head form the foundation of a successful trader. The AoCC will help to lay this foundation! I have been implementing the AoCC techniques for almost 12 years. The use of AoCC techniques make you intelligent and clear. I consider finding my true identity and the opportunity to rely on it in everyday life to be of the highest value. The five-body system from the course has created an understanding of how the inner world functions, both in the case of oneself and others. As a result, you avoid confusion both in handling yourself and in communicating with others. With the help of AoCC techniques, I have been able to change myself and all my close relationships have improved as a result. Join the course!

Riste Keskpaik

I graduated in semiotics and have lectured in several Estonian universities on various subjects concerning the relations of human-environment. As a graduate student I also spent a year at the University of Toronto. In 2007, I reached a point in my life where a pre-determined academic career and the smooth path laid before me by the society no longer satisfied my inner need to live a meaningful and fulfilled life. Due to various events and coincidences, I came to the wisdom of the AoCC, which helped me to go through major changes in life and discover inner peace. Today, I have the freedom to be involved only with things close to my heart and I have the ability to see difficulties as challenges to learn. I am in a happy relationship and mother to a son. I continue to learn, because I have realized how little we really know about ourselves and the world, the majority of which is also based on belief and personal preferences.

Tarvo Tobbi

I have worked in IT, supporting other specialist in the private and public sectors. Today I am an author and entrepreneur. From an early age, I have been on a quest, without even knowing what I am looking for. Today, I realize that I have been looking for truth, something that is permanent and can be repeated. My search lasted for years and many major changes took place. For example, I discovered that I have a physical body, but I'm not it; I have emotions, but I'm not them; that I have thoughts, but I I’m not them either. I posed a logical question as to how I knew all this, and so I discovered my consciousness. All these experiences disrupted everything I had learned so far. No matter who I met or talked to, nobody could explain what is all this. Eventually, I was recommended to participate in the AOCC, where Ingvar Villido explained in detail what I had discovered. Now, five years later, there is no more confusion and practice the techniques form the AoCC daily. My journey keeps on unfolding, but I am ready enough to pass on this knowledge to others. The changes that have taken place in my life have been very positive and I wish that others could improve their lives as well.

Toomas Õunap 

I am an entrepreneur, teach yoga and do workshops. I have graduated from Tallinn University, Estonian Business School and the Nijing Chinese Medical School, have managed both industrial and real estate companies, a port. For the past ten years I have been teaching during workshops. As a leader, I experienced stress as well as burnout, complete exhaustion and incessant back pain. Emotions that activate in different situations often bring along sufferings - causing problems for oneself and others, as well as tense muscles. Today, I know that many problems, such as tense neck and shoulders, stiffness and pain in the back, tension in the legs and arms, can be significantly alleviated or solved with the techniques of the Art of Conscious Change. You can search for and find temporary solutions that provide some relief to the tensed-up body, but the AoCC techniques allow freedom from the root causes of tension, giving permanent solutions. This work with yourself frees up time for other activities that are important to you. I took the AoCC courses immediately when they were created 12 years ago, and since then I have integrated these techniques and knowledge into my personal life. The results I got allow me to teach and inspire others to consciously change their own lives too. Making a lot of effort can bring you success, but the ability to release your emotions and tensions will bring satisfaction.

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